Chris Wharfe

I give you words, you give me money. Isn't capitalism great?


I’m Chris. I’m 24. And I like writing.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you’ll find examples of my work across all journalistic platforms, with links to online content. For more, you can download my CV, or head over to my Twitter account and LinkedIn page.

My current freelance roles include News & Production Editor for Blocks Magazine and Content Writer for Scribol.

I graduated from City University London in July 2014 after three years studying for a BA in Journalism. During that time I wrote about film and culture for a bunch of websites, including The Hollywood News, We Got This Covered, and Top 10 Films. I also maintained my own outlet for my writing, Cryteria, which focused on films, games and TV. You’ll find examples of my work in other areas of journalism over on my blog, Clicksand.

I spent two years working with The News Hub, where I wrote on a variety of subjects including football, music, technology, lifestyle and current affairs, and developed skills in community management, social media, SEO best practices, content management and sub-editing, working with tools like MailChimp, Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager.

My role at Blocks has encompassed writing news columns, interview-based features and product reviews, in addition to subbing raw copy, sourcing images, writing page furniture and ensuring editorial guidelines are clearly communicated to – and followed by – all freelance contributors.

I’m available as a freelancer for writing and editing services. Feel free to get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page for more info and examples of my editing.


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