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In Time UK Première Report

This article was originally written for and published by The Hollywood News.

Amanda Seyfried at the In Time UK première

The Curzon Mayfair cinema in London was graced by the presence of a range of famous faces on Monday evening (October 31st), as the venue played host to the première of new Andrew Niccol film In Time.

The three main stars were out in force, along with director Niccol and his wife Rachel Roberts – those comprised, of course, of Justin Timberlake (The Social Network, Friends With Benefits), Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Mamma Mia) and Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Inception).

The Hollywood News caught up with the action, asked a few questions and stuck around to watch the film – see our review here. In Time, a sci-fi romp that questions what life might be like if time really was money, is led by Justin Timberlake, who plays underdog hero Will Salas.

Timberlake clearly embraced his character and had plenty to say about Salas: “To me, I don’t think this character is a full on action role. I was very particular about placing an element in the character that was astonished at everything that was happening, because I feel like the audience can relate to that more.

“I’m not ever going to be Rambo. I wanted to have a realistic, grounded approach to the action that was in this movie.’ And Justin’s apparently not full of surprises – when asked how he would spend his last day on earth, he said: ‘It sounds cliché, but I would hang with the fam[ily].”

Starring alongside Timberlake is Amanda Seyfried, in a highly different role to her usual characters in films such as Mean Girls (2004) and Mamma Mia (2008). Seyfried turned her back on such projects, claiming: “I’m not a great dancer, and I don’t sing. It makes me shy.” There’s none of that with In Time, of course; here Amanda plays Sylvia Weis, daughter of wealthy businessman Philippe (Vincent Kartheiser), who is kidnapped by Salas and held for ransom.

Cillian Murphy, forever wary of the press, had little to say – though did refute that he was typecast as a villain, stating he had played “different roles” during his career. Commenting on future projects, Murphy remained ambiguous: “I dunno, I look for good scripts.” Murphy plays Timekeeper Raymond León, an antagonistic character seeking to keep the peace and thwart Salas’ attempts to overthrow the system.

Chris Wharfe, 02/11/11
Original article: The Hollywood News 


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